In memory of Basile Alexander

By Goodi BAGG

In memory of Dr Basile Alexander...

Welcome to Forever in our Hearts tribute page. This page is a place for family and friends to share their memories of Basile, as well as view the progress GOODi BAGG has made, thanks your support and purchase of a GOODi BAGG!

The Heart Foundation funds life-changing research and programs for people with or at risk of heart disease, as well as their friends, families and communities. GOODi BAGG is raising funds to support their work because we believe in a future free from heart disease.

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In Basile's Honour...

Monday 15th Mar
This page was created as a tribute to Basile, by me, Joanna- Basile's sister in law and friend, as a promise to my beautiful sister and Basile's loving wife and bestie. Basile, you will always be remembered for living life to the fullest, you were known for your motto, "you only live once," your contagious laugh and your positive words of wisdom. Your time on earth was short, but it was fun, memorable and generous, your love of living, your love for your family and your dedication to your patients will always be remembered and respected.

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Goodi Bagg


Goodi Bagg