In memory of Craig McCue

By Jaymi McCue

In memory of someone special...

Frances and Lee have created this page in honour of our creator's late father. This tribute page is a place for family and friends to share their memories of our Craig, as well as a place to raise awareness for heart health, as well as to raise donations to support The Heart Foundation.

The Heart Foundation funds life-changing research and programs for people with or at risk of heart disease, as well as their friends, families and communities. 

We are raising funds to support their work because we truly believe in a future that is free from heart disease. 

Frances and Lee have created a candle in honour of Craig, all profits made from the candles sold will be donated directly to The Heart Foundation via this tribute page. Candles are available to purchase on

Alternatively you can make a donation directly via this page in honour of Craig. Your kind gift will support heart disease research, treatment and education that provide hope for thousands of Australian families.

Too many families are devastated by deaths due to heart disease every single day. We often take our heart health for granted and we don't think about it until it is too late. We know we didn't act in time. You won't think it will happen to you, and then one day it does. One conversation could save your life. 

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and you’ll get a receipt by email as soon as you make your donation 

Jaymi and Frances and Lee appreciate your support more than we can put into words. 

Thank you for your support


Jaymi Mccue


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Jaymi Mccue


Jaymi Mccue


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Jaymi Mccue


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