In memory of Basil South

By Pip Chisholm

In memory of someone special...

Welcome to our Forever in our Hearts tribute page. This page is a place for family and friends to share their memories of our Dad, Basil South, as well as to raise donations to support the Heart Foundation. Basil developed Heart Failure which deteriorated over the last year of his life, and from which he died on 26th December 2022. He was a loving father, husband and grandfather and lived a full and sociable life. We are very grateful for him and the life we shared.

The Heart Foundation funds life-changing research and programs for people with or at risk of heart disease, as well as their friends, families and communities. We would like to support their work in memory of Dad, and to celebrate the wonderful person he was.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and you’ll get a receipt by email as soon as you make your donation 

Thank you for your support. 

Thank you for your support


Anna-maria Pardini

Dear Mr. South, I am honored that I was able to meet you. I thank you for creating and raising the most pure and loving human being I have ever known, Jenny Pizot. Without you, there would be no Jenny, Laurent, Zach, Sam or Toby and the friendship, love, sense of family and Christian fellowship they bring to my life. Thank you for Pip and Rik and their families, as well. Your love of people, strength of character and personal warmth shine through them and I have been blessed to know them. In "one brief moment ... all will be as it was before." Until we meet again. With respect beyond words, Anna-maria