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Honour the life of someone you love by creating a Forever in our Hearts tribute page. Your page will be a lasting memory of your loved one and will give hope for Australian hearts.

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Heart disease takes the lives of too many Australians.

Losing someone you love is a tragedy; supporting the Heart Foundation’s efforts to achieve a future free from heart disease can help you find meaning in your loss.

There are lots of ways to honour the life of a loved one, including setting up a Forever in our Hearts tribute page.

A tribute page provides a designated space for family and friends to share memories of a loved one, as well as to collect donations to support the Heart Foundation’s work.

As a Heart Foundation supporter, you’ll be making a valuable contribution to our research and programs. These initiatives support people living with, or at risk of, heart disease, as well as their friends and families, and also help educate the broader community about heart disease risk, prevention and treatment.

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Tom was 55, still working and active in gliding, cycling, kayaking and enjoying the great outdoors, when he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. After 2 days, his heart failed to regain proper function and life support was switched off. He was cheated of his entire retirement plans and dreams and I was cheated of growing old with the love of my life, my best friend and soul-mate. We had always recognised the importance of medical research, so for Tom's funeral I suggested that in lieu of flowers (lovely but don't save lives), a donation to the Heart Foundation will support research which may prevent more senseless deaths. I was blown away by the amount raised and sincerely hope this will help someone else.

- Kerrie, in loving memory of her husband and soul-mate Tom

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For questions about tribute pages, or for information on collecting Heart Foundation donations at a funeral, please reach out to our team on 13 11 12 or

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